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SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine 0.7S Speed For Camouflage Net 2mm Dia

SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine 0.7S Speed For Camouflage Net 2mm Dia

  • High Light

    2mm Dia Automatic Zip Tie Machine


    Camouflage Net Automatic Zip Tie Machine


    Bundle Zip Tie Machine

  • Name
    Bundle Cable Tie Machine
  • Model
  • Using Nylon Cable Tie
  • T25080 Size
  • Bundle Diameter
    2mm - 14mm
  • Bundle Speed
  • Pneumatic Pressure
  • Voltage
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    10-12working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine 0.7S Speed For Camouflage Net 2mm Dia

Speed SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine For Camouflage Net Management 2mm Dia.


When to use automatic cable tie machine to bundle camouflage net by using nylon cable ties, we usually suggest our clients using SWT25080H. Becasue the bundle diameter is too smaller, it is enough to use nylon cable ties T25080 and SWT25080H. And shorter nylon cable ties, their prices cheape. 


Technical characteristics of nylon tie tensioning tool


1. There are Chinese and English in the touch screen, and the text language can be set according to the customer's needs. The brand touch screen clearly displays each working situation.


2. The gun heads of Schweide's individual cable tie machines are assembled and debugged by technicians with many years of experience. The cable tie machine gun head has stable performance and long service life.


3. Adopt imported brand PLC control, provide stable working procedures, imported drivers, high degree of automation.


4. The device binding speed can directly adjust the corresponding parameters on the touch screen. It will be set according to a certain speed when leaving the factory. If the customer needs to change it, it is recommended to reset it after using the cable tie machine for a period of time;


5. The cable tie gun has the advantages of sensitive action, fast binding speed, adjustable binding force and stable performance.


6. The cable tie machine is used for binding on the assembly line. Due to the fast binding speed and stable performance, it can meet the requirements of the production line, reduce the working pressure of workers and avoid the accumulation of products under the equipment. At present, a large number of customers use our company's cable tie machine to be used on a fully automatic production line.


Technical parameters of automatic zip tie machine


Cable tie machine model: SWT25080H

The size of the cable tie used by the cable tie machine: T25080

Bundled speed: 0.7S

Bundled item size:2mm-14mm

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1KW

Host machine weight/kg : G.W. 140kg

Host machine size mm : 69*67*67cm




Power supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Bundled speed


Pneumatic pressure


Bundled item size




Host machine size


Cable tie gun size


Host machine kg 140 kg Cable tie gun weight




SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine 0.7S Speed For Camouflage Net 2mm Dia 0


The automatic cable tie machine is suitable for binding items:


Complex wire harness in the board, simple wires, coper tubes and bags.



Delivery display of cable tie machine


When the cable tie machine is shipped, we will use stretch film and pearl cotton to wrap it around for protection and then build a wooden frame to avoid problems during transportation and damage the interests of customers.


SWT25080H Auto Bundle Zip Tie Machine 0.7S Speed For Camouflage Net 2mm Dia 1


RFQ's can be emailed to

Include the following documentation:

  1. The bundle diameter of product.
  2. The picture of product that you use nylon cable tie to bundle.
  3. The video/picture about how you use nylon cable tie to bundle the products.
  4. The size of nylon cable ties you are using(Optional).



  1. Do automatic cable tie machines make nylon cable ties?

No, they can not make nylon cable ties. But they can bundle nylon cable ties in fast speed.

  1. Different cable ties can be used in automatic cable tie bundle machine?

No, different cable ties can be used in different auto cable tie machines.

And automatic cable tie guns ask for good quality nylon cable ties.


     3. Do you have CE?

Yes, all automatic cable tie packing machines has CE certificate.