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1500pcs /H 1KW Nylon Cable Automatic Zip Tie Machine

1500pcs /H 1KW Nylon Cable Automatic Zip Tie Machine

  • High Light

    1KW Automatic Zip Tie Machine


    1KW Auto Zip Tie Machine


    1500pcs /H Cable Tie Machine

  • Bundle Productivity
  • Bundle Tension Forces
    20-80N Adjustable
  • Bundle Dia. For Harness
    2mm - 18mm
  • Applicant Nylon Ties
    T36100, Width 3.6 * Length100mm
  • Tie Gun Type
    Fixed Cable Tie Gun
  • Voltage
    AC220V - AC240V,50/60Hz, Different Plugs
  • Pneumatic Pressure
  • Power
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    12 - 15days
  • Payment Terms
    100% T/T payment
  • Supply Ability

1500pcs /H 1KW Nylon Cable Automatic Zip Tie Machine

1500pcs /H 1KW Nylon Cable Automatic Zip Tie Machine


Automatic nylon cable tie machine SWT36100F deals with 3.6 * 100mm nylon cable ties. The bundle speed of tie gun is 0.9S per nylon tie wrap.


Features of automatic tie wrap machine


1. Using nylon cable ties. The automatic cable tie machine doesn’t deal with other material cable ties.


2. The tie gun can bundle products’ diameters from 3mm to 18mm.


3. The tie wrap gun can be fixed in the work-table or in a frame.


4. The tension forces are adjustable from 20N to 80N.


5. The feeder bowl can load 200pcs or 300pcs loose cable ties.


6. The bundle speed of cable tie gun is 0.9S every zip tie.


7. The cable tie gun is able to handle the work pieces with step features. However the desktop automatic cable tie machine like SWT25100D can’t deal with these pieces.


8. The cable tie gun is trigged by the foot pedal. Once workers pedal it, cable tie would be automatically wrapped, tighten and cut off.


Technical data of automatic cable tie machine


Model SWT36100F Remark
0.9 1.0S  
Applicant cable tie model T36100  
Applicant cable tie size W3.6mm * L100mm * T1.1mm  
Min banding Dia. Ø3 mm  
Max banding dia. Ø18 mm Related to product’s material and shape
Maximum tension force 80N 20 – 80N are adjustable
Bundle productivity 1500 pcs/h Related to product’s size and the auxiliary time
Electrical power Host: AC 220V, 50/60 Hz  
Tie gun: DC 24V(automatic switching)  
Pneumatic pressure 5 Kg/ cm²  
Power 1KW  
Certificate CE & RoHS  


Application of automatic cable tie gun


1. Photovoltaic industry Terminal box of the photovoltaic status indicator/solar junction boxes
2. Medical industry Silicone hoses bundle
3. Food industry Strapping of rice packaging bags


Advantages of automatic bundle machine


1. 10 million cycles maintenance free.


2. 100% components in the tie gun are made of high hardened steel, no plastic parts.


3. Auto detecting jammed cable ties and cleaning them.


4. The bundle speed is faster than by-hand only. One machine can save 2 workers even more.


5. It is easy to turn a knob to adjust the bundle forces.


6. 1 year warranty and tech support all the time.


1500pcs /H 1KW Nylon Cable Automatic Zip Tie Machine 0


About packing


NO The feeder bowl The host and others Nylon cable ties T36100
Package Wooden case Wooden case Carton box
Qty 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs
Packing size 70*60*70cm 75*69*85cm 54*37*29cm
G.W./kg 70kg 96kg 14.0kg
N.W./kg 55kg 74kg 13.0kg


About delivery


Lead time for machine: 10-15working days


Lead time for nylon cable ties: 10days




1. What is the difference between fixed cable tie gun and desktop cable tie machine?


A. Desktop cable tie machine don’t have alone cable tie gun. It just have jaws.


B. Desktop cable tie machine don’t have touch screen.


C. It is easier to adjust the bundle forces in fixed cable tie gun.


2. Do you have English manual?


Yes, all machines have English manuals.


3. Does automatic cable tie machine have CE?


Yes, all machines have CE.