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80N Tension Force Adjust Easy Binding 1500pcs Of Automatic Cable Tie Gun

80N Tension Force Adjust Easy Binding 1500pcs Of Automatic Cable Tie Gun

  • Bundle Productivity
  • Bundle Dia.
    Ø3mm - Ø31mm
  • Cable Ties Size
    W3.6mm * L150mm *T1.2mm
  • Cable Tie Material
    Nylon PA 6.6
  • Bundle Speed
    1.0S(Not Including Auxiliary Time)
  • Bundle Forces
    20N - 80N Adjustable(5forces)
  • Voltage
    AC220V - AC240V, 50/60Hz
  • Pneumatic Pressure
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden cases
  • Delivery Time
    12 - 15days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

80N Tension Force Adjust Easy Binding 1500pcs Of Automatic Cable Tie Gun

80N Tension Force Adjust Easy Binding 1500pcs Of Automatic Cable Tie Gun


Be easy to adjust the binding forces, max 80N.


Be easy to bind loose nylon cable ties. Push the trigger to finish the bundle.


Be fast to bundle nylon cable ties in short time, 1500pcs per hour even more.


Features of automatic cable tie machine


1. Automatically wrap, tighten and cut nylon cable ties off after pull the trigger in the tie gun.


2. Electric cable tie gun could adapt to tie different diameters products.


3. Products’ diameters (eg. Wire harness, plastic tubes etc.) : 3mm – 31mm.


4. Tension forces: 20-80N adjustable


5. Be suitable for tying those components which has step features.


6. Could be applied to full-automation line.


7. Pneumatic pressure: 5kg/cm²


Specification of automatic cable tie gun


Model SWT36150H
Cable ties model T36150
Cable tie size W3.5 * L150mm * T1.2mm
Cable ties material Nylon PA 6.6
Min banding Dia. Ø3 mm
Max banding dia. Ø31 mm
Operation speed 1.0s/cable tie
Electrical power Host machine: AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, different plugs
Handheld tie gun: DC 24V(automatic switching)
Pneumatic pressure 5 Kg/ cm²
Power 1,000W
Maximum tension force 80 N
Productivity 1200 - 1500pcs./h
Weight Host machine:160 kg ( With 4 wheels )
Handheld tie gun: 0.9kg
Certificate CE & RoHS


Application of nylon cable tie machine


Replace workers and improve the efficiency.


1. Christmas lights fixed: Rope lights are tied together with aluminum brackets of different shapes (horse, star shape)


2. Kitchen utensils set: Bundled with wooden spoons, wooden spatulas, etc.


3. Copper tubes in air conditioning: the shock-absorbing and heat-insulating rubber block tied to copper pipes by nylon cable ties.


Advantage of automatic cable tie gun


1. Electric cable tie gun replaces manual bundle.


2. It saves much time to use automatic cable tie gun to bundle nylon cable ties.


3. Automatic cable tie machine is stable and takes 1 second to finish tying a cable tie.


4. Handheld cable tie gun weight: 0.9kg


5. The waste material could be corrected into a box or a tin with vacuum pump.


6. Voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz


80N Tension Force Adjust Easy Binding 1500pcs Of Automatic Cable Tie Gun 0


About packing


Automatic cable tie machine SWT36150H would be packed in two wooden cases.


Host machine with a tie gun or others: L85 * W81 * H95cm/wooden case, G.W.: 105kg


Vibration bowl: L79*W67*H70cm/wooden case, G.W.: 90kg


About delivery


Lead time: 12-15working days


They could be shipped by air/Fedex/DHL.




1. Can the cable tie gun use different cable ties?


No, cable tie gun SWT36150H can use loose nylon cable ties T36150.


2. Do you have English manual?


Yes, we have.


3. Do you have a cable tie gun that can deal with different nylon zip ties?


No. Different nylon cable ties, different cable tie guns.


4. Could we ask for 90N tension force or bigger?


Yes, you could. Now, all electric tie guns are set with max tension force 80N. If you need it bigger, please inform our sales team.


5. Can we use automatic cable tie gun 36150H to tie products’ diameter up to 35mm?


No, you can’t. The max bundle diameter for this tie gun is 31mm. But you could use SWT36200HC to bundle these products and the max bundle diameter is 42mm.