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PLC Control Zip Tie Tool Strong Tension Force Easy Moving With 4 Wheels

PLC Control Zip Tie Tool Strong Tension Force Easy Moving With 4 Wheels

  • High Light

    automatic wire tying tool


    wire bundling machine

  • Product Name
    Cable Tie Tool For Automatic Bundling
  • Application
    Banding Motor Coil Or Small Objects
  • Cable Tie Spec
    2.5 * 80mm
  • Min Banding Dia.
  • Max Banding Dia.
  • Operation Speed
  • Place of Origin
    Made in china
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Packed in wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    15 working days after received your payment
  • Payment Terms
    100% T/T
  • Supply Ability
    100pcs per month

PLC Control Zip Tie Tool Strong Tension Force Easy Moving With 4 Wheels

Stronger Tension Force Automatic Cable Tying System For Bundling Small Goods


Automatic cable tying system SWT25080M is a machine that has 4wheels to move. And cable tie gun is a part of it. The gun could be fixed in the bench to operate.




1. Put 200pcs cable ties on the edge of the vibration bowl. When vibration bowl working, bulk cable ties would be re-rank tidily.


2. When operator treads foot pedal, the machine would start to thread, pull and tighten, cut off and collect the waste material into a tank.


3. The tension force is stronger than the handheld gun and could be adjusted.


4. PLC control system and touch screen, multi-languages display.


5. The whole operation takes 0.8S. It is suitable for bundling large number of motor coils or small objects.


6. It could count the quantity of cable ties bundled successfully.


7. With temperature control system. In the cold winter, you could set the temperature 40℃ to protect the cable tie toughness.


Base data


Name SWT25080M
Description Cable tie tool for automatic bundling, without threading and tightening by hands.
Features and advantages

1. Handle bulk cable ties, T25080

2. Automatic banding motor stators or others

3. Automatic detection of if cable ties are bundled successful. It could deal with the failed ones.

4. Automatic detection of if cable ties are jammed. It could clean the jammed ones.

5. The banding forces could be adjusted.

6. It is better to bundle motor stator coil.

Bench mount kit Including a gun head, a frame, a foot pedal(Standard)
Overhead suspender Unnecessary
Cable ties T25080 cable ties
Material Nylon 66 U4820L certified by UL,RoHS and CE
Width 2.5mm
Length 80mm
Tensile strength 8kg
Quantity/bag 1,000pcs
Usage/per time in vibration bowl 200pcs – 300pcs is better
Bundling Max Dia. for wire Ø10.0mm
Bundling Max Dia. Ø5.0mm
Bundling speed 0.9S/cable tie
Operation Electrical
Tool head/pcs L331 * W282 * T189mm; N.W.: 6kg
Tool head power DC48V
Power supply AC110V/AC220V, 50/60Hz; plugs available
Pneumatic pressure 5kg/cm²
Max power 1,000W
Tension force Adjustable


Packing details


SWT25080M Packing Details
Export wooden case 2pcs
The host machine / wooden case G.W./kg 76kg
Packing Size/cm L83 * W81 * H84cm
The vibration bowl / wooden case G.W./kg 65
Packing Size/cm L74 * W64 * H87cm
Total G.W. 141kg( estimated)




1. How does the machine work?


There are three main parts for the machine, the vibration bowl, the host machine and the tool head. The bowl would rank loose cable ties and they would be transferred to the tool head through a feeding hose. It would start to bundle objects with cable ties once push the foot pedal.


2. Which kind of cable ties does the machine SWT25080M use?


Bulk cable ties T25080 whose size is W2.5 * L100mm.


3. Can use other brand cable ties?


Yes, it is no problem to use other brand cable ties. Please check if cable ties quality is as good as SWIFT T25080. We suggest you using T25080 cable ties.


PLC Control Zip Tie Tool Strong Tension Force Easy Moving With 4 Wheels 0