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1000W 1.0S Automatic Cable Tie Gun For C25100 Nylon Wrap Ties

1000W 1.0S Automatic Cable Tie Gun For C25100 Nylon Wrap Ties

  • High Light

    1.0S Automatic Cable Tie Gun


    1000W Automatic Cable Tie Gun


    C25100 Nylon Wrap Ties Machine

  • Product Name
    Nylon Cable Tie Machine
  • Model
  • Cable Ties
    W2.5 * L100mm (reel)
  • Qty/reel
  • Cable Tie Gun Type
    Fixed Type
  • Power Supply
    AC220V, 50/60Hz
  • Pneumatic Pressure
  • Binding Speed
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    10 - 15days
  • Payment Terms
    100% T/T payment
  • Supply Ability

1000W 1.0S Automatic Cable Tie Gun For C25100 Nylon Wrap Ties

1.0S fast binding Automatic cable tie gun for C25100 nylon cable ties, plastic reel zip ties


This machine model is SWT25100HC. It is small. The gross weight is 30kg.


Basic applications


Be suitable for wire harness bundle, especially harness in the board or in the household appliance.


Technical data


Item Data
Automatic cable tie machine model SWT25100HC
Bundle speed 1.0S per cable tie
Applicable cable ties model C25100(reel nylon zip ties)
Applicable length/width/thickness of cable ties: 100mm/2.5mm/1.1mm
Applicable wire harness/tubes diameters

Ø3mm - ø18mm for wire harness;

ø3mm - ø16mm for tubes

Voltage AC220, 50/60Hz
Power 1,000W
Pneumatic pressure 5kg/cm²
Host size L510 * W480 * H230mm
Handheld cable tie gun size L250*W102*T64mm
Handheld cable tie gun weight 0.86kg/pcs


Working process


Operation process: Load reel cable ties(5,000pcs/reel) –distribute system, single cable tie – aim at wire harness/tubes or other products – pull the trigger and finish bundle – the waste parts will be collected.


Nylon cable ties requirements


1. Reel cable ties, size: W2.5 * L100mm


2. Head size: L4.8mm * W5.0mm * h3.7mm


3. Material: nylon PA66


4. Cable ties brand: swift




1. There are 5,000pcs nylon cable ties per reel so operator doesn’t have to load zip ties often.


2. The handheld cable tie gun weight is 0.86kg. It is easy to hold and operate.


3. Pulled the trigger, cable tie gun would start to wrap, tighten and cut plastic ties, and collect the waste.


4. The operation cycle time is 1.0S, not including the time of picking goods up.


5. The bundle diameters is from 3mm to 18mm. It can adapt to different sizes objects.


6. Voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz; pneumatic pressure: 5kg/cm²


Other cable tie guns


Model SWT25100F SWT36200HC
Cable tie gun type Fixed cable tie gun Handheld cable tie gun
Cable tie type Loose Reel
Cable tie model T25100 C36200
Cable tie size W2.5 * L100 * T1.1mm W3.6 * L200 * T1.2mm
Bundle diameters of objects 2mm – 18mm 20mm – 42mm
Bundle speed 0.9S 1.3S


1000W 1.0S Automatic Cable Tie Gun For C25100 Nylon Wrap Ties 0