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Auto Tying 1000W Automatic Cable Tie Machine Wire Harness Bundle

Auto Tying 1000W Automatic Cable Tie Machine Wire Harness Bundle

  • High Light

    1000W Automatic Cable Tie Machine


    Auto Tying Automatic Cable Tie Machine


    Harness Bundle Zip Tie Tool

  • Name
    Automatic Cable Tie Machine
  • Model
  • Bundle Speed
    0.7S Per Nylon Cable Tie
  • Cable Ties Size
    W2.5mm * L100mm *T1.1mm
  • Bundle Dia.
    2mm - 18mm
  • Power
  • Voltage
    AC220V - AC240V,50/60Hz
  • Pneumatic Pressure
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    12 - 15days
  • Payment Terms
    100% T/T payment
  • Supply Ability

Auto Tying 1000W Automatic Cable Tie Machine Wire Harness Bundle

Automatic cable tie machine for optimizing wire harness bundle


To replace hand-bundle! To improve the productivity!


Basic applications


Be suitable for wire harness bundle or some soft tubes, such as wire harness in home appliance, wire harness in the board. The bundle diameters are from 2mm to 18mm. It can automatically adapt different diameters and tie nylon cable ties.


Be popular in home appliances, wire harness assembly factories. One machine uses one kind of nylon cable ties. It is easy to move and handheld cable tie gun. Operator could bundle any position in wire harness. It reduces the process of bundle and improves the bundle efficiency.


Scope of applications


Applicable cable tie: loose nylon cable ties, T25100, W2.5 * L100mm.


Applicable products: To tie nylon zip ties on wire harness, soft tubes, bags etc. ; the bundle diameters: ø2mm - ø18mm.


Applied industry: wire harness, white goods/home appliance, food, medical industry.


Case: Ovens’ wire harness on site assembly, medical silicone tubes and connectors fixed, food bags sealed etc.


Technical data


Item Data
Automatic cable tie machine model SWT25100H
Bundle speed 0.7S per cable tie(Related to product size)
Applicable cable ties model T25100
Applicable length/width/thickness of cable ties: 100mm/2.5mm/1.1mm
Applicable wire harness/tubes diameters ø2mm - ø18mm for wire harness; ø2mm - ø16mm for tubes
Voltage AC220, 50/60Hz
Power 1,000W
Pneumatic pressure 5kg/cm²
Host size L670 * W660 * H660mm
Handheld cable tie gun size L250*W102*T64mm
Handheld cable tie gun weight 0.86kg/pcs


Working process


Working principle: loading and distributing nylon cable ties, auto tying.


Operation process: put nylon zip ties into vibration bowl – load and distribute – aim at wire harness/tubes or other products – pull the trigger and finish bundle.


Nylon cable ties requirements


1. Main size: W2.5*L100*T1.1mm;


2. Head size: L4.8*W4.8*H3.8mm;


3. Material: nylon PA66


4. Tensile strength: 8kg


5. Shape: straight and strong, no burr/flash


When you want to use automatic cable tie machine in production line, pls send some product samples to us to test or tell us the product size. We would give you a test video.


Features of automatic cable tie tools


1. Automation: operator pulls the trigger, cable tie gun would automatically finish wrapping, pulling and tightening, cutting cable ties and collecting the waste.


2. The bundle speed is fast. The bundle efficiency is much higher than by-hand.

Automatic cable tie gun: 2400pcs-3000pcs/hour

Hand: 400pcs-600pcs/hour

It depends on the experienced operator.


3. PLC control and touch screen: easy to manage the parameters.


4. The tightening forces are adjustable.


5. It significantly reduces the labor intensity, and the original production employees can also complete tasks more easily and efficiently.


6. Could be applied to full automation line with a robot.


7. Pneumatic pressure 5kg/cm²


Other cable tie guns


Model SWT25080H SWT25120H
Applicable cable ties model T25080 T25120
Cable ties sizes W2.5*L80*T1.1mm W2.5*L120*T1.1mm
Bundle diameters ø2mm - ø14mm ø2mm – ø22mm
Bundle speed 0.7S 0.8S
Voltage AC220, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic pressure 5kg/cm²


The factory

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