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Bundle Fast Tightly Automatic Cable Tie Tool For Motor Coil Wire Harness

Bundle Fast Tightly Automatic Cable Tie Tool For Motor Coil Wire Harness

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    auto bundling machine


    zip tie tensioner tools

  • Name
    Automatic Cable Tie Tool
  • Modle
  • Cable Ties Size
    W2.5 * H100 Mm
  • Cable Ties Model
  • Min Binding Dia.
  • Max Binding Dia.
  • Operation Speed
  • Voltage
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO9001 2015
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
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Bundle Fast Tightly Automatic Cable Tie Tool For Motor Coil Wire Harness

Bundle Fast Tightly Automatic Cable Tie Tool For Motor Coil Wire Harness


Automatically bundle nylon cable ties, 1.0S every plastic zip tie. Save time! Save labor cost!


Automatic cable tie tool specifications


Model SWT25100M
Cable ties model T25100
Cable tie size  W2.5 * L100mm
Cable ties material Nylon 6.6
Min banding Dia. ø9 mm
Max banding dia. ø13 mm
Operation speed 1.0s/cable tie
Electrical power Host: AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, different plugs
Tool: DC 24V(automatic switching)
Pneumatic pressure 5 Kg/ cm²
Power 1KW
Weight Host:146 kg ( With 4 wheels, move easily )
Gun: 6kg
Size Host: L690 * 670 * 670mm
Gun: L331 * W282 * H189mm
Certificate CE & RoHS




1. Use the loose cable ties, automatically bundle nylon cable ties.


2. Once tread the pedal, automatically start to bundle.And the rubbish would be collection.


3. The whole operation takes only 1.0S.


4. It would finishing wrapping, pulling and tightening, cutting nylon zip ties.


5. PLC + Touch Panel, Chinese and English display, easy to manage and operate.


6. Be suitable for motor coil bundling or bundling those objects which has small space for the cable tie to go through.


7. The binding forces are adjusted by turning a knob.


How to operate automatic cable tie tool?


1 . Take 200 - 300pcs bulk cable ties into the vibration at random.


2 . Let the motor coil under the gun claw and tread the pedal. It will automatically bundle it.


3 . No cable ties left in the vibration overnight. Or it is easy to make them deformed.


4 . If you are not the technical engineer, don't operate the "manual".


5 . If the binding force is small, you can turn the knob to adjust it.


Touch screen details


Bundle Fast Tightly Automatic Cable Tie Tool For Motor Coil Wire Harness 0


1. Cycle time: The time required for each work cycle.


2. Actual output: each work cycle in the previous calculation on the basis of the cumulative superposition and once, when the count reaches set production machine stopped running, and began to call the police, operators need to deal with abnormal equipment, click on the reset button to remove the alarm and count the production.

3. Set Value: click the icon to set the planned output.

4. Manual screen: when the operator clicks the button, it enters the manual operation screen


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Model SWT25100M SWT36100M SWT36120M
Cable tie size W2.5 * 100mm W3.6 * L100mm W3.6 * L120mm
Min banding Dia. ø9 mm ø9 mm ø11 mm
Max banding dia. for wire ø13 mm ø13 mm ø15 mm
Operation speed 1.0s 1.0s 1.2s


How does the machine work?


The machine consists of the host machine, the vibration bowl and the gun. The bowl is set on the host. The gun is connected to the host by the feeding hose and the data hose.


We have set data before the machine is shipped. So when you receive it, pls power on, touch the 'AUTO', tread the pedal, it will automatically bundle the motor coil. You spend about 1.0S to bind one.




1. What is the warranty?


12 months.


2. What shuld I do if the machine has anythin wrong?


If it has somthing wrong, pls find the tipes and you could deal with it according to them. Or take some videos and ask for help from our team.