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It Is Helping Us A Lot In Production Line!

August 7, 2020

By Amy Pan            2020.08.07


Happy to get feedback from a client in Brazil. He really likes the machine and it helps them a lot. His friend and he ever visited our factory last year and used automatic cable tie machine on April 2020.


latest company news about It Is Helping Us A Lot In Production Line!


Automatic cable tie machine advantages :

1. Once you pull the trigger/pedal the pedal, the machine would wrap, tighten cable ties and cut off.

2. The bundle speed is about 0.8S. It is faster than hand-bundle.

3. The waster material would be collected into a box.

4. The bundle force is adjustable.

5.  One machine can replace 2 workers even more.


PS: I still remember, when they were in our factory, we use machine to bundle their products, sets of utensils with paper label. They were satisfied with the bundle effect. Then we had a great meal. They really like Chinese foods and are the foreigners who like to eat spicy food most that I have ever met.