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Home - News - Could I buy only cable tie gun and does it work for us?

Could I buy only cable tie gun and does it work for us?

July 30, 2020

By Amy Pan 2020.07.22

Some customers do not know automatic cable tie machine, and mistakenly think that only a cable tie gun can realize automatic strapping. Automatic cable tie machine consists of a host and a cable tie gun head. The host is mainly to rearrange nylon cable ties in a certain direction so that they can be sent to the cable tie gun. When the operator pulls the trigger, nylon cable tie will automatically be perforated, tightened, cut off and collect waste. If you just use the cable tie gun only, nylon cable ties cannot be sent into the gun head. It can’t work alone.

Some also believe that this machine is used to produce cable ties. It is wrong. The machine doesn’t produce nylon zip ties, but can quickly realize the bundle, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and save costs.



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